viernes, 4 de julio de 2014


After 25 years of underground musical activism, Fredread is releasing a new album of WEBCAM HI-FI“feeding my faith”, already the 15th reference on his record label Tube Dub Sound Records.

Since 2004, Fredread has produced numerous riddims and singers such as Kenny Knots, Earl Sixteen, Anthony John, Carlton Livingston, Tony Tuff, Ranking Joe, Nya Azania, Roberto Sanchez, Jah Marnyah, Ranking Trevor, Trevor Junior and many more.

All these releases are available on vinyls 7”, 10”, 12” LP and Cd.

Collaborations with I-plant and Weeding Dub relate the proximity with these artists.

This second album”Feeding my faith” comes after the highly acclaimed album “Livity is my temple” which was acknowledged by the international dub scene where singers such as Horace Martin, Joseph Cotton, Dan I, Parvez, Madu Messenger appear.

WEBCAM HI-FI represents over 200 gigs worldwide, of course in France but also Mexico, England, Finland, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Portugal, Holland, Switzerland alongside King Shiloh, Mungo’s hi-fi, Jah Rej from Jah Works, Kanka, Junior Cony, Jonah Dan, Dub Addict, Brain Damage, Vibronics, Blackboard Jungle, Adrian Sherwood…
In the wake of this serious reputation, it is on top of a hill in the south west of France, at the Huge studio, that Fredread has once again created recorded and mixed this new opus.
Strongly rooted to Jamaican music, never forgetting the meanings of “foundations”, WEBCAM HI-FI’s music remains synonymous of a dynamic, precise and organic sound laced with carefully set arrangements.

With a powerful rhythm section, sharp skanking guitars, twinkling horns and flute, the alchemy works on the first listen.
Over the years, this recipe has established Tube Dub Sound Records as a truly leading label.

Tradition and modernity backed by strong Rasta convictions.

Once more, the riddims admirably bear singers come from various horizons.
From El fata’s (born Niger and living in London) rub a dub to Kiko (singer of No More Babylon), from Lyrical Benjie’s mysticism to Ras Zacharri’s Jamaican singjay, the coming together of 3 Bulgarians singers from Roots Rocket crew Zafayah, Jahmmi Youth & Sen I to Faye Houston (singer in the English band Resonators produced by Manasseh) from the German Mighty Howard (Dubmatix / Irie Ites Music Germany) to the Jamaican veteran Trevor Junior, all together contribute towards the excellence of this new album.

All Fredread’s experience is reflected when listening to dub versions where one is hypnotized by converging analogue effects and syndrums. Dub fans will appreciate.
Inspired by the work and message from those legendary people such as King Jammy, Soljie Hamilton, Sly & Robbie, Dennis Bovell, Lloyd Bullwackies Barnes, Channel One and Roots Radics, Fredread continues the tradition and sets himself as a defender of the roots, rock, reggae and dub culture along with contemporary current producers such as Dubkasm, Twilight Circus or Lone Ark.

Outernational reggae music & original dub from the hill seen!

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