jueves, 26 de octubre de 2017


Jah Blakks
is a Jamaican roots reggae artist Jah Blakks Mosiah, who is currently promoting his new album, RED HOT INA BABYLON.
My music wakes up the heart of the sleeping and slumbering. Nyahbingi is a very hard and vibrant sound, filled with spiritual current. It’s like a medicine: it’s bitter, but good for you.
As long as I know myself music has dwelt within I. I was born in Jamaica and was blessed to grow amongst mentors like Supercat and Tyrone and Carl Downie. Carl usually took me to school, so from there, nature took its course. I recorded my debut single in 1991; a track called Borderline on the Pepper Seed rhythm. (allied arts management)
I am have been under new management, developing repertoire for the market place the way the music industry was running I had to tek weh I self, to ensure a clean meditation on this debut album “RED HOT INA BABYLON“.
my currant management team are forging the career to the four corners of the earth. There’s a Red Hot Ina Babylon tour planned for this coming year 2010,
and Right now long-term goal? more life and more prosperity

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