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jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013



Born in Brooklyn, USA, Thomas Williams aka Ras Shiloh is a conscious modern roots singer in the same vein as late Garnett Silk, his mentor. Shiloh is reminiscent of Silk but he’s not a simple clone. Hailing from New York state but spending years in Jamaica, Ras Shiloh has been honing his musical skills since the age of 9 years old.
He started out working alongside Ballys International sound system from New York and has gone on to become a well-known modern roots singer with 5 solo albums, countless singles, and many collaborations with high-profile Jamaican reggae legends. His collaborations include work with: Anthony B., Capleton, Jr. Kelly, Morgan Heritage, Buju Banton, Duane Stephenson, Bascom X, Gentleman and more.
What sets Ras Shiloh apart from others in the industry today is his livication to righteousness. For instance, one will never hear an ill word about women, or a call for violence. His messages are of love, peace, respect, and unity.
He performs high-energy sets with live bands as well as with a DJ/Soundsystem. In addition to performing around the world including Europe, the USA & Jamaica, he is also interested in humanitarian issues. 2012 featured a sold-out tour in California that was partially a benefit for medical supplies to be sent to Jamaica. He continues to tour around the world spreading his unique messages of love, peace & upfulness.
If Googled, one will see the thousands of videos and images & fan comments from around the world regarding him.

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