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Raging Fyah is one of the most talented and dynamic groups ever to hit the Jamaican music scene. The band originally started in 2006 as a trio with, Anthony Watson (Drummer), Demar Gayle (Keyboardist), Delroy Hamilton (Bassist), they were later divinely united with Courtland White (Guitarist) Kumar Bent (lead singer) as they set out to rekindle a flame of positvity in the music industry.
Though their versatility enables them to play all genres of music, most of their songs - influenced by passion, purpose and life experiences- assume a roots rock reggae flavour. They write their own songs and ensure that every word touches the soul of the listener, uplifting and motivating people from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The resulting melodies have been commonly likened to legendary artistes such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Third World. The band also has its own recording label, Raging Fyah Productions, which produced their debut single "Far away" and Album Judgement Day in 2011. The Debut album ensured a european tour in the summer of 2012 taking us to Germany, France, Spain, England, Poland and slovenia. 2013 saw the band back again on European soil by demand as we toured the spring doing clubs in the named countries and having slovenia and Czech Republic added to the listing. The band is gearing up to spread the message and sound in USA and central america this summer, while making plans to have the second Album released.
The Band is committed to play its part of the advancement of the world, note by note, melody by melody- spreading light in areas of darkness, growing when conditions seem most bleak, demolishing obstacles without remorse; the band just keeps blazing... like a raging fyah! One love.


Esta gran banda jamaicana que tanto nos ha hecho gozar con su “Judgement Time” ahora vienen con nuevas grabacionesen este 2013. Están terminando de grabar un nuevo LP bajo la producción de Rory, cabeza del mítico sound jamaicano Stone Love.

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