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Reggae Legend from 60’S -70’S !! Dawn Penn

Dawn Penn was born in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies.

In 1967 she recorded and had released her 1st Hit single “You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No)”, produced by Coxsone Dodd at Studio One. She studied classical music from the age of five at Duke Street by Miss Campbell and later with Lena Robinson- Kensington Avenue and reached Grade V11 in theory and practical and did examinations with The Royal School of Music. During that time she also studied the violin with her sisters Pat and Audrey and was taught by Major Wilson of the Salvation Army Bramwell Booth Memorial Hall. The PENN Sisters used to perform at churches i.e. Grace Missionary and Kingston Youth for Christ-at Coke Church Memorial Hall to name a few.

Music is synonymous with singers and players of instrument. Dawn Penn is an artist of tremendous class and quality and she made her debut recording while in high school for Clement Sir Coxson Dodd’s Studio 1 label. Her 1st single “You don’t love me- No,No,No” backed by Tommy McCook and the Skatalites proved to be a popular hit.

Prince Buster’s label released “Long day short Night” and “Are you there with another Girl” and her originals “Blue yes Blue” and “Here’s the Key”. Dawn also made reggae versions of “To sir with Love” and “Don’t sleep in the subway as Suzette for WIRL in addition to “The first cut is the Deepest”, ”I’ll let you go” and “That’s not the answer “for Bunny Lee. Dawn did backing vocals for Johnny Nash on tracks “Cupid”, “I can see clearly Now”, “Stir it Up”. “There are more questions than Answers”, “Guava Jelly”, “Milk shake and potato Chips”. She is included in the Bob Marley “Rebel Box Set on page 23. She also did backing vocals on Eddie Lovett’s “Too Experience” album with her sister Pat and Winsome Dixon.

By 1970 she left Jamaica for Tortola in the British Virgin Islands where she raised her children and pursued an administrative career at Barclays Bank-Wickham’s Cay, Pannell Fitzpatrick and company and as Stewardess for LIAT. She moved back to Jamaica in 1987 unwilling to sing over dancehall rhythms however she re-recorded her debut single for Steelie & Cleavie in 1991 and King Jammys in 1992. The Jammys’ “No,No,No,(“World A Respect”) version featured Bounty Killer akas Rodney Price, Dennis Brown and Ken Booth. While Jammys’ recording proved a dancehall smash on Greensleeves label the Steelie & Cleavie’s version crossed over into mainstream pop charts. Their version was initially recorded by them to commemorate Studio One’s 35th Anniversary and was released by Heartbeat in the US.

In 1993 she subsequently got an album deal with Big-Beat Atlantic Records and in 1994 saw Dawn Penn back on the charts with her re-recorded dancehall version of “You don’t love me, No, No, No. The track in on many compilations and has topped Reggae charts worldwide including UK,Japan,US Pop and R & B playlists worldwide. It’s international success led to “No, No, No, the album to be nominated for a Grammy Award.

In 1994 saw Dawn Penn back on the charts with her re-recorded dancehall version of “You don’t love me, No, No, No. This time it was produced by Steelie and Cleavie Productions for Heartbeat Records. This track is on 30 compilations and has topped Reggae Charts worldwide including UK, Japan and Europe and has scaled the US Pop and R & B playlists worldwide. Its international success led the track to be nominated for a Grammy award in 1994.It is featured in “Undercover Cop”, “Party Girl”-

The Jamaican movie Klash, tv series “Homicide. She did BET with Rachel, opened the Box in Houston for Lez of Rap City and MTV Most Wanted also Madness Festival at Finsbury Park – UK as Guest of ASWAD Top of the Pops with All For One.

This track is featured in the US in movies “I Spy”, “Party Girl”. TV Series “Homicide” and

“Undercover Cop”. In Jamaica movie “KLASH”. She did BET with Rachel, opened the Box in Houston for Lez of Rap City and MTV’s “Most Wanted” also “MADNESS Festival at Finsbury Park-UK as Guest of ASWAD and Top of the Pops with All for One. The single entered the UK charts at No 9 alongside Wet, Wet, Wet and Big Mountain and stayed on the charts for 12 weeks. She followed the hit with “Night and Day” akas ( “Baby I love you so”) on which she composed the second verse. She produced her original track “What do you do” 1995 in Jamaica.

In 1996 Penn teamed up with Delroy Williams Producer/Performer to produce her second album “Come Again” for Trojan Records selling more than 108,000 copies. 2000 the single “Never Ever” done for Top Secret released on Jet Star Label was a smash on BBC1 and “play lists-Echo’s chart. Continued success saw Dawn Penn honoured in New York with the Martin Luther King Award in 2001 for her contribution to music by Caribbean Images. Eve of Ruff Ryders redid her track on her scorpion album. This track continues to inspire with covers and renditions continually been done by contemporary artists like J. Mills, Wu-Tang Clan, Sean Paul, Lilly Allen and Rihanna to name a few.

2002 “I’ll let you go” akas (Let me go boy) was released in the US and Dawn did a cameo appearance in the movie “Fire” with Paul Campbell and the Sopranos with her daughter Abioseh. Also in 2002 saw Penn recording track “Now” for Subway Rockers- compiliation by Glen Adams of Landmark Studios in Brooklyn. She also did a track called “Spit Again” with Cocoa Brovaz on Universal/Rawkus label. She also did a project with NY based John Shop Records- the album “Never Hussle the music”. Tracks like “Forgive & Forget” akas “Seven times rise seven times Fall”, “Bobby Wrong”, “What you gonna do” with Estereo and John Forte, duet “Mercy pon We” with John Forte and “Looking for a Lion” all with John Forte at the production helm and mixed by Commissioner Gordon of New Jersey, NY.

2003 She did Runaway for Functionist of Austria. “We come ya fi teach you” for Kingstone label in Koln and “You have a Right” for POT- Hamburg – {label both in Germany}. She did the first recording of “Old Johnny for Professor P in Manchester. “Rock this World” for Yes King label in UK. She tours extensively Sweden, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Germany Japan, Canada also Festivals in Europe including Wien, Summer jam and did Burgess Park alongside Estelle and Shola Ama. She’s featured and did backing vocals and is featured on track called “Are you waiting”-an album by Junior Delgado’s 2005 album.

2005 she did Hawaii with Alpha Blondy in Maui, Honolulu and Ohau. Penn pre- released a double sided Rap- Hip- Hop single called “Growing-up” and “Begone” There was also release of re-mix “Love the one you’re with” with Chris Cocoa on Trojan/Sanctuary. In 2006 Dawn did UPPSALA festival in Sweden, Dour Festival in Brussels; festivals in Prague, Portugal, Switzerland, Warwickshire, Liverpool, Limitzia, Rome. Barcelona, and Valencia with Half Pint alongside Kilimanjaro Sound. She did original track “Betterment Blues” with Sean of Pama International.

2007 Dawn performed at a Bob Marley Anniversary in Hawaii, Oahu, the big island Honolulu and Maui with Lauren Hill and Capleton. A new version of “Old Johnny” on downloads in France www.vibetrigger.com also Steve of “ Jah Freedom” in Negril - Jamaica. The track “Night and Day” was released as Soundtrack in the movie “After the Sunset” with Pierce Brosnon and Don Cheadle and the release of ”You don’t love me”/”I’ve got somebody else”-Dawn Penn and Changing Faces on Atlantic Records.

Right Now Dawn is Releasing a Vintage Album, A new Album and a Funky House single titled “City Life”

Yes we say !the Legend Lives giving a lot to the World and to Reggae fans and lovers that Enjoy the Culture and Music specially the Vintage and Old School of Ska and Reggae..

Dawn will be Touring U.S Canada & The Caribbean During Summer. She will perform in Europe and U.K this summer in some Festivals & Clubs Shows.

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