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Lewe Ire, is a vocalist & songwriter/ DJ, who has been writing and performing Reggae since the 1980s.

In 1983-1990 Lewe performed on a sound system in Birmingham called “King Iwah,” where Lewe started to gain recognition as a MC. Playing at clubs, house party’s, and dance halls all over the UK. Birmingham, Manchester, London.

In 1985- Lewe worked with Silicon Squad Production where he worked with local artists, giving thanks to Pato Banton, Bonito star, Peter Culture and Michael Ellis. Performing live gigs with local artists in and around Birmingham.

Lewe also co-wrote and sung along side Micheal Ellis on “ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU.”

Released by Big One Record Company.

1996- Lewe gained qualifications in Music Technology and Sound Reproduction at Gold Mine Studios.

1998-Lewe was the lead Vocalist, for a Bob Marley Tribute band called Exodus, where we performed at the Luton Festival 1998.

2000- 2003 Lewe toured of the Greek islands, where he performed in Santorini and Athens. Clubs, bars, holiday resorts and beach parties.

My first main musical inspiration was in 1974.

I was 9 years old. When I went to Jamaica with my family to visit my Grandparents, In St Elizabeth, Elderslie, and Big Ground. There my Auntie had a cafe bar. The jukebox played Reggae music like Bob Marley, Prince Fari etc… all day long in the summer holidays where I would listen with my cousins. I also owe all my musical talents to my Father. Sidney Lewis (AKA) “Blue Beat” … He was a Great singer songwriter and an accomplished pianist….

Lewe Ire is currently Performing and doing P. A’s and dub plates. On the Roots Reggae and Dub scene, with various well known sound systems in the Uk. Makaya sound, Iration Steppers, Hytal Rockers and Roots Inspiration sound. With European gigs in October 2015 in Belgium on a sound called UHURU.

Lewe also has a 12in vinyl to be released in April on the Roots Inspiration label with a track entitled LONG TIME!

Having a history of sound system for the last 30 years and tours with his own sound system called Nibiru Outernational from Birmingham.

Lewe Ire is presently recording in various studios, with a variety of producers ie, Crucial music, Friendly Fire Band also, Mellow vibes crew, Sub-bass99 and Peter Broomhall of RankinTv…

I give thanks to all my friends and family who helped to make these musical works possible.

Jaffa, Natural Mystic and Osirus B. To name but a few for inspiring me in so many ways.

After visiting Egypt in 2006, I was inspired to write this track off my newly released Album called “Pyramids”. Special thanks to my Great Ancestors for guiding and directing me on this musical journey.

One love… Lewe Ire

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