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ONE Ras Cleva ONE Men ONE Unique Voice Straight outta New York City blazing ONE fire for ONE aim and ONE destiny. RAS CLEVA IS A SONGWRITER/RECORDING ARTIST AND AN EXCELLENT PERFORMER.

NEW York-based singjay Ras Cleva is currently in the island promoting his upcoming single called Open the Doors.

Produced by Boston-based RHT Production, Cleva told Splash that the song is a direct towards injustice.
"The song is really telling those in authority to open the doors and let out the innocent prisoners. It goes even further by telling them to open more opportunities for the jobless and so on," he said.
Ras Cleva, whose given name is Roderick Brown, was born in Buff Bay, Portland, but spent his earlier years in Stony Hill, St Andrew.
After completing his studies at Kingston College, he was awarded a sports scholarship to Campbellsville University in Kentucky in 2002.
"That was a life-changing experience for me, as I migrated to another country where I barely knew anyone. However, after the first semester, those responsible for granting the scholarship could not afford to maintain it and my parents were poor, so I dropped out after one semester," he said.
Determined to continue his academics, Cleva moved to New York and got enrolled at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) where he studied accounting.
"That too was short-lived, as I became a father and had to start working in order to make ends meet. The labour force wasn't working out for me...that's not where I needed to be so I diverted back my attention to music," he said.
According to the entertainer, breaking out in the reggae/dancehall industry had its challenges, especially in a country where other genres like hip hop and R&B ruled. However, in 2004 he released his first single called Jah Love. This was followed by a mixtape titled Rastafari All My Life in 2005, and True Source in 2006.
He is also known for other singles such as Reggae Music.

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