viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017


Ras Mykha Cry in soul, artiste from the scene "live and Sound System Dub". He collaborates with many labels, Producer or Sound system and Band like: "Lion Roots, Jahspora records, Indica Dubs, Roots Ista Posse, Final Call, Roots Meditation, Own Mission records, Belleville inter, Dub Livity, etc.". In 2010 he created his own label Cry In Soul Records, on which he released the Give Thanks and Praize and Mighty Jahovia. In 2015 he create with Patate records the Label “ Belleville international Dub Plate Style”
Ras Mykha he’s aswell a painter and Illustrator , he release in 2015 a children book call “The sonar system” on collaboration with “the sound system culture project “, He create aswell many Artwoks for some label like his own label Cry In Soul Records or for Indica Dubs and Dub Omatic records.


People Hungry 7’’( jahspora records 2009), Strong Medication 10’’ ( Roots ista posse records 2010), Bus To Zion 10’’ ( Roots ista posse records 2010), The Run 7’’ (Jahspora records 2011), Traders 12’’ ( Dina Music 2012), Give Thanks & Praises 7’’ (Cry in soul records 2012), Raw Fisherman 10’’ ( Congos Label 2012), Dub Soldiers 12’’ ( Mystical Powa 2013), Every Day 7’’ ( welders Records 2013), HIM Spread the vibes 7’’ (Belleville international 2013), Mighty Jahovia 10’’ ( Cry in soul records 2013), I&I Believe 12’’ ( Dub O Matic 2014) Rootikal Showcase LP ( Belleville records 2015) Don’t Blam 10” (Cry in soul records 2015) War Ina Babylon 10” ( Belleville inrenetional 2016)

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