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The UK reggae band Brimstone should not be confound with a Jamaican band from the early 1970s. The UK band Brimstone was formed in UK in 1977 with members from Jamaica, Dominica and Britain: Samson Jones on rhythm guitar, Gus Philips on vocals, Peter Harris on lead guitar, Leo Charles on drums, John Thomas on percussion, Wayne Griffiths on bass, Vivienne Clark on vocals. In 1978 they released the track “Final Judgement 1978? on UK Grove Music 7´´ followed by “Fancy Living” on UK Karnak Songsl 7´´. The line up was expended to include Tony “Gad” Robinson who later joined Aswad. Brimstone backed Hugh Mundell at the bootlegged show “Live In Paris”.

Jah See And Know
Released in 1981 in Belgium on Lark INL 3521 LP.
Jah See And Know, Craven, No Badda Look, Calling Africa, Meditational Heights, Ska – Bluebeat – Rocksteady, Judgement Day, Eyes Tune, Don´t Go
Featuring Gus Philips on vocals, Leo Charles on drums, Vivienne Clark on vocals, Stephen Rene, Tony Clark, George Joseph and Lynford Odum.

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