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Everton Chambers was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica and has been pioneering Jamaican cultural reggae music for over 15 years.
This versatile artist understands that to create good music, one must be spiritually balanced and positively focused, hence his remarkable ability to produce music that has long life, meaning and be of a quality that people can rock to and use as a tool for positive motivation and upliftment
“music must be able to influence people in a positive way…music must be able to change people’s perception and bring them to a heightened state of understanding about issues and life in general” “Music must be enjoyed to the point where your soul can hear and feel the pulse and understand the message”…and this is part of Everton Chamber’s philosophy about the music that he writes and produces
Over the years Everton has stayed close to the music and is now planning to return on a wave of his own creations using his special talent and unique sound. With a new management team headed by long time friend and mentor, Stephen Beek of Graviti Productions, this comeback will be spiritually driven and emotionally charged to rock the soul of the listener into a resurrection of new beginnings
Everton is the first of six children and attributes his richness in spirit, which he carries through to his music, to his upbringing and the lessons taught to him by parents and family while growing up. He pursued his early education at Half Way Tree Primary, Gaynstead High School and St. Georges College Evening School whilst honing his musical talents.
In 1992 a track called “Peace” produced by Edgar Parish on the Leprecorn Label, went to number 1 on the Canadian Reggae charts and during the same period “hold your corner” was number 15 in the Reggae charts in Jamaica.
Everton has collaborated with numerous reggae artists including: Capleton, Singing Melody, DJ Soldier of Mystic Revealers of Rastafari and others
Everton Chambers – Visionary artist, dynamic performer and songwriter

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