lunes, 21 de agosto de 2017


"Said I'm rising out of the east. I represent for my people... Indonesia!" - Salam, Ras Muhamad

Prolific recording and performing artist, bi-lingual lyricist, published book author, radio host & producer - the self-proclaimed Reggae Ambassador of Indonesia, Ras Muhamad has relentlessly and ceaselessly spread the message of Reggae throughout Indonesia and to the likes of South East Asian regions.

Indonesian-born and raised, educated in New York City for over a decade-long. Ras Muhamad born as Muhamad Egar aspires to re-introduce Indonesia on a global scale, to put Indonesia "on the map" specifically in music, arts and talents that Indonesia has to offer to the world. With a career that spans a little over a decade; as of July 2014, Ras Muhamad stepped into the international scene with a brand new album, his fifth studio album entitled "Salam" produced by Germany's Oneness Records.

Ras Muhamad believes that through the power of music especially Reggae, people can share and learn of each other's cultures through the message. To find similarities and common ground, set aside petty differences and celebrate life and all its dynamics through music. Such is the core and heart of Reggae - it's a universal expression and a message of love.

Even though a predominantly Muslim country, Indonesia has a vast diversity that prides itself with a rich multi-cultural, plural faiths, moderate, progressive and multi-ethnic backgrounds. Such as the National creed of Indonesia "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" meaning "Unity in Diversity", Ras Muhamad as an Indonesian reflects his nation and upbringing through personal expression and song. This is evident in his countless number of tunes where he effortlessly switches diverse lyrical deliveries from English, Jamaican Patois and Bahasa Indonesia the Indonesian language.

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