viernes, 19 de junio de 2015


Tuff Lion – Multi-instrumentalist, Singer/songwriter & Producer

Who's highly skilled musicianship has been a major force behind the tidal wave of music that has come out of the Virgin Islands in recent years. His signature sound can be heard on almost every I-Grade Records release to date, which includes artists like – NiyoRah, Abja, Army, Midnite, Dezarie, Danny I, Yahadanai and more, as well as his own all instrumental album Ten Strings, that came out in the summer of '08 and is getting massive praise worldwide! While no longer associated with Bambu Station, his presence both on stage and in the studio played a big role in bringing them to the reggae world's attention.

A veteran in this bizness, who's GOOD Works can be heard far and wide, and in no way are limited to the sounds of the V.I. He has recorded, produced and toured with such artists as – The Itals, Jr. Marvin (The Wailers), Apple Gabriel (Israel Vibrations), Sahra Indio, Iba, King Cephas, Pressure, Ijah Menelik, Army, Lady Passion, Ras Attitude, Batch, Malika Madremana, Sista Kat, Mada Nile, Volcano, Messenjah Selah, Bless Noble… and the list goes on. The ever growing number of albums he has played on is in the realm of 50+ so far.

In '07 his first solo album Utterance ~ A Testament came out of his own Outpost Music Workshop. A modern day roots masterpiece with 13 tracks of pure listening pleasure, musically rich and full of insightful lyrics beautifully delivered! With a truly impressive vocal ability, that ranges from high angelic harmonies to the deep roar of a lion.

Touching the hearts, minds and ears of the crowd where ever he goes, touring such places as - Europe, Japan, Israel, North America, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii and Guam. With a captivating and majestic stage presence that radiates the passionate love this soulful rastaman has for the music of The Most High. On stage or off, he is a very humble Ras, who always has some words of wisdom to share with all, as well as an ability to lift ones up and help them stand tall!

After years of being there in support of others, it is now time for him to come forward in his fullness, to bless the people and give them what they've been waiting for - TUFF LION the Original RootsTafari!

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