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BirthPlace&Date: Venice (Italy) 2001.
All of us were previously and for many years playing and recording for roots reggae bands with hundreds of gigs all around italy.

Venice is said to be the motherland of roots reggae in Italy because of the incredible number of roots reggae bands in the town during '80 and '90.
Haile Selassie had been twice in Venice. Our town' symbol is S. Marco Lion...Vibes still flowing.

“Moa Anbessa” is a collective of musicians. "Moa Anbessa Italy" is our roots reggae and dubwise reggae vinyl label. All music and lirycs are created, written, played, recorded by Moa Anbessa's musicians and singers. All music are recorded, edited, and mixed at Moa Anbessa Studio.

On sound system/dj set version Moa Anbessa's aim is to spread good vibrations and cultural upliftment through exclusives selections by Dr. Buriman, from old style roots reggae music, passing through uk roots and stepper productions, to the new electronic-digital dubwise era; powerful and conscious speeches on the mic (Well Jahdgment), four singers on stage (Well Jahdgment, Prince David, Sister40, Dan-I) each one with his own original style and flow.

Strictly musical and cultural message, no slackness. Roots Reggae and Dubwise are in our humble opinion the highest and purest expressions of reggae music, our aim is to spread it all over and bring the message around.

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