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It 's never happened to Alborosie acted as godfather and Italian produce a reggae band. This today and 'happened to Boom Boom Vibration:

"The boom boom Vibration me

struck by their simplicity '

and humility ', resemble the reggae

humble, simple and deep at the same time.

With them I have not had to spend unnecessary words, everything happened naturally through that mystical feeling which unites us under the same sound.

Working with them reminded me of where I come from and where am I 'going ...

Thanks boomboom "Alborosie

The disc and 'NewRoots a concentrate of pure, down and the warmth of Jamaica crosses the speaker hi-fi and goes directly to the heart.

A disc played and mixed in the studios of Kingston at the home of Alborosie, an album that speaks of Salento, which speaks of our actuality ', but that also makes us and allows us to fulfill a journey to lands and pristine Caribbean beaches.

The songs are born between the beaches of Portmore and Port Antonio and Kingston's house in Paddington Terrace, inspired by the scent of Jamaica, from the people you meet and the scenic places visited.

Love for music and life lived mingle with current denouncing a system that shows more and more contradictions and that can be shot through the heart with the positive message of reggae. Experience in Jamaica has marked the lyrics and themes indelibly spacing between the purest feelings of I-tal flow, which is essential in order to understand a culture from the ancient roots. The Jamaica and Jamaicans have also brought the band to take a decisive and fundamental step further: the change of name to Boom Boom Vibration.

Fellow travelers are the Après class, Sandy Smith, Cecile, Alborosie and the World Junior Murvin reggae legend, who, with his cover of "Police

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