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For the last 19 years, THE REGGAE REVOLUTION BAND have toured and worked along side highly acclaimed stars such as PATO BANTON, STING, UB40, STEEL PULSE, BERIS HAMMOND, BEENI MAN, LUCIANO and APACHE INDIAN.

They released over 9 albums with PATO BANTON including the Grammy nominated LIFE IS A MIRACLE (TIME COME) Album in 2000, as well as the LIVE IN BRAZIL Album in 1999, which both highlighted the strength and versatility of the band, that often incorporates not only Reggae rhythms, but also Latin, Salsa, Jazz and Soul tones.

Touring constantly saw them sharing the biggest stages globally with all the greats like SHAGGY, ZIGGY MARLEY, THIRD WORLD, SANTANA, STEEL PULSE and many more. From 1992 the band started regular tours in Brazil where they played along side the Brazilian greats Jorge Ben Jor, Skank and Cidade Negra, attracting a big crowd of fans over the years from North to South of the country.

In those years the band has built a following second to none and are famous not only for their excellent musical talents and songs but for the highly choreographed show that accompanies the songs, ensuring that the crowd never forget their shows and leave shouting for more.

In 2001 they became the first Reggae act ever to appear on stage at the SIDNEY OPERA HOUSE, enticing a usually sitting crowd to get on their feet and dance for joy. They were a very welcomed support alongside Pato Banton for PETER GABRIEL'S first live performance in Seattle for over 9 years.

Another headline slot for their first ever trip to South Africa, saw them wowing the audience with their electrified performance as part of the WOMAD series of festivals. Which brings them up to date with the release of their first self-titled debut album "THIS IS…THE REGGAE REVOLUTION". It was released in Europe and the UK in 2001 on Prestige-Elite Records and features tracks written by members of the band.

After successfully touring the U.S.A in 2002 they decided to take time out to work on their second album, from which they produced a 6 track E.P entitled "PURE PROMISES" on zenith records, in the u.k. It features two guest artists Skibu, and Owen Uriah who are also solo artists in their own right.

The band has now completed their second album entitled "GHETTO CRY" which is due for released shortly.It has something for everyone whether its Reggae, RnB or even Jazz, something old, something new and something that will make you move, that’s for sure. But there’s only one way to find out, and that’s by checking out the band live on their tours

More information in www.reggaerevolution.net

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