domingo, 22 de octubre de 2017


Mark “Marky Lyrical” Mahoney is an inspired soulful reggae singer based in Montreal Canada. Recognized by his powerful, gritty and at the same time smooth voice, he has an unmistakably fresh approach to reggae while also honouring the foundation and integrity of the genre. The message in his music has one common aim, to inspire. It is Marky Lyrical`s mission to empower and uplift his listeners to that special place where music heals. His songs carry the themes often heard in reggae; that of love, unification, and the injustices of the system, yet there is a unique tone to his approach, his presence and delivery.

In 2012 he was featured on “The Downtown Riddim” with his song “Valley of Darkness” holding up alongside top artists like Sizzla Kalonji, Turbulence, Lutan Fyah and Perfect Giddimani among others. “Valley of Darkness” has received a great response in Canada and aboard landing in at #1 on the Rebel Vibez Canadian Reggae Charts and remaining in the top three for months. With the release of his debut full length album “Stardust” in fall 2013, Marky Lyrical is sure to be noticed by the international audience as an versatile and innovative reggae singer worthy of distinction.

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