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Chezidek (born Desbert Johnson, 20 June 1973, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica) is a roots reggae singer. He is known for his hit singles, "Call Pon Dem" (featured in GTA IV), "Can't Hear Must Feel", "Inna Di Road", and "Leave De Trees".


Chezidek started singing from an early age at school concerts, and was a member of St. Ann's Bay Marching Band.[2] After finishing school he performed on sound systems in the area, as Chilla Rinch, singing and DJing at various dance and talent shows.

He left St. Ann's Bay for Kingston where he linked up with record producer Phillip "Fattis" Burrell from Xterminator Production.[3] He recorded his first album in 2002, entitled Harvest Time (distributed by VP Records), with popular tracks such as "Can't Hear Must Feel", "Breakfree" and the title track "Harvest Time".

His first number one hit single "Leave De Trees" on the Our Promotion label,
produced by Hugh Miller (aka Bunny Dan) went on BBC Top 10 dancehall chart.
Since then he has performed on major events such as Magnum Sting, Teen Splash, Dancehall Jam Jam, Bob Marley Tribute, and Tribute to Peter Tosh, Rebel Salute and Western Consciousness. He was awarded best new artiste by the Jamaica Federation of Music and Affiliated Artiste (JFM) for Middlesex (County).

Chezidek's album Inna Di Road was produced by Bobby "Massive B" Konders and distributed by Greensleeves Records in September 2007. "Call Pon Dem" from his album Inna Di Road is featured on the Massive B Sound system (station) in Grand Theft Auto 4, and it also appears on the Official GTA IV Soundtrack.


Harvest Time (album)
Released: 16 July 2002
Format: CD (Catalog VP2188.2), LP (Catalog VP2188.1)
Label: VP Records
Producer: Phillip "Fattis" Burell
Tracks: Eleven
Singles: "Breakfree", "Can't Hear Must Feel", "Harvest Time"

Rising Sun (album)
Released: 29 March 2005
Format: CD (Catalog VP2259.2), LP (Catalog VP2259.1)
Label: VP Records
Producer: Phillip "Fattis" Burell
Tracks: Fourteen
Singles: "Inna Love"

Mash Dem Down (album)
Released: 18 August 2006
Format: CD (Catalog ALTA002.2), 2-LP Set (Catalog ALTA002.1)
Label: Al.Ta.Fa.An
Producer: Soljie Hamilton
Tracks: Fourteen
Singles: "Mash Dem Down"

Firm Up Yourself (album)
Released: 5 June 2007
Format: CD (Catalog COUD0006.2), LP (Catalog COUD0006.1)
Label: Cousins Records
Tracks: Fourteen

Inna Di Road (album)
Released: 11 September 2007
Format: CD (Catalog GREL300.2), LP (Catalog GREL300.1)
Label: Greensleeves Records
Producer: Bobby "Massive B" Konders
Tracks: Fourteen
Bonus tracks: Two (Music Videos - "Inna Di Road", "Call Pon Dem") on (enhanced) CD
Singles: "Call Pon Dem", "Inna Di Road", "Leave The Trees", "Mi Nah Run"

Judgement Time (album)
Released: 4 June 2010
Label: Heartbeat Europ (SunnyMoon)
Tracks: Seventeen


(Desbert Johnson) nació el 20 de Junio del año 1973 en Saint Ann Parish (Jamaica). Comenzó en la música desde chico en conciertos de la escuela (donde obvio el iba) y formo parte del Grupo St. Ann's Bay Marching Band. Después de terminar la escuela comenzó a hacer un par de Sound System en la zona pasando música y también cantando.
Luego CHEZIDEK se mudo a Kingston donde grabo su primer Cd con el productor Phillip "Fattis" Burrell de Xterminator Production, HARVEST TIME (2002).
Así con el tiempo creció como cantante; y nació su segundo disco RISING SUN (2005) con el mismo productor, después vino para el año próximo lanzo MASH DEM DOWN con Soljie Hamilton como productor un disco sin más ni menos, con muchos invitados en sus temas.
El 2007 como ven se puso las pilas y lanzo 2 Cd's FIRM UP YOURSELF & INNA DI ROAD muy buenos también ya con varios riddims en estos últimos (Riddims: Bases instrumentales creadas digitalmente para cantar arriba en general son REGGAE y también hay muchas DANCEHALL, hay muchas basadas en bases de ROOTS reggae viejos y bailables).Ahora 2009 saco "HERBALIST" un Buen CD pero con mas de Un tema k Reedito es decir si ven hay muchas canciones k volvió a editar en este CD aparte de sacar unos mas nuevos…

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