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Sara Lugo es una artista que nació en Germany (Country).

Ha comenzado su carrera artística en 2010 con Truely Blessed / Familiar Stranger. Luego continuaría con Protect Me Jah / Part Of My Life en 2010 (ese mismo año). Cuenta con 3 producciones discográficas en el formato de Vinyl.

Su estilo de Sara Lugo es: Dancehall (Por ejemplo, en su álbum Truely Blessed / Familiar Stranger).

Su estilo sigue el género: Reggae.

Sara Lugo se ha desempeñado como: Backing Vocals (Por ejemplo, en el sencillo Steppin’), Featuring (Por ejemplo, en el sencillo End Of The World), Featuring, Lead Vocals (Por ejemplo, en el sencillo Come Away With Me), Lyrics (Por ejemplo, en el sencillo Part Of My Life) y Text (Por ejemplo, en el sencillo And They Cry (Feat. Sara Lugo)).

Ha trabajado con los siguientes sellos discográficos: Greenyard Records y Oneness Records.

Algunas de las colaboraciones de Sara Lugo fueron con Jamaram en el año 2010 con el sencillo End Of The World, con Anthony B en el año 2010 con el sencillo Part Of My Life, con Yohto en el año 2013 con el sencillo Steppin’, con Umberto Echo en el año 2013 con el sencillo The Power Dub, con Kool DJ GQ en el año 2013 con el sencillo Nichts Anderes, con Mark Wonder en el año 2012 con el sencillo The World Needs Love, con Naptali en el año 2010 con el sencillo And They Cry (Feat. Sara Lugo), con Ephraim Juda en el año 2009 con el sencillo Too Fast y con Heston en el año 2013 con el sencillo Come Away With Me.

HIT ME WITH MUSIC, available everywhere online.

Sara Lugo Album Info “What about Love” 2011

released by Oneness Records and Soulfire Records/Roughtrade.

After releasing her first EP in 2009 and joining several riddim-selections from Pow Pow Movement, Oneness Records and Greenyard Records from France, the first album from munich singer Sara Lugo is about to drop and will be available in stores. As we could expect from her releases up to now, Sara continues to stick to reggae while mixing new styles from different genres to her music. She presents 12 tracks that move somewhere between modern roots, soul and pop.

Several distinguished international guests joined this production. Musicians of Gentleman's new band “Evolution” and “Dub Inc.” from France are to be heard on the the album as well as the guys from Jamaram and the Oneness Band. Loomis Green, the guitar player for Jan Delay, by chance happened to hear her singing in a parkinglot and came out of the tourbus to ask her to work together. Additionally Florian Opahle, Ian Anderson's (Jethro Tull) guitarist, plays on several of her tunes. Features with jamaican singers Lutan Fyah and Naptali and also munich singer Jahcoustix make the whole CD a very round first Longplay.

The album was produced by dub- and reggae specialist Umberto Echo, whose sound-magic you can hear in the small detail and the clear, warm sound he brings to all of Sara's tracks.

Her love for music comes from her musical family who have their roots in Puerto Rico and Germany. At age 15 she first went to the studio to sing backup for her brother's band and since then hasn't missed a chance to prove her talent on the microphone.

Whether playing at a weekly jam at the renowned New York Jazz Club “The Rose”, captivating 20.000 people at the Rototom Sunsplash in Spain as a feature guest of Chuck Fender, or doing support for Jamaram, Jahcoustix or Ganjaman – one thing is always the case: Sara's unique voice and her shining personality win the crowd.

In addition to shows she's played in the past years, 27 year old Sara Lugo continuously worked on her own songs and songwriting skills, with the 12 best songs now comprising her debut album “What about love”.

Rather than simply a collection of lovers love songs, this album views this all encompassing emotion from a variety of angles. Starting with “What happened” and also in the duet with Lutan Fyah “They know not love” she questions the value of love in our society. In “Part of my life” we see the love between siblings who found back together after a time of conflict and “If tears” laments losing a loved person. And so this central topic “love” continues through and binds the whole album.

Musically Sara found her very own way to combine soul with roots reggae music. Drawing from the experience of many great musicians through collaborations, she has managed to blend in different styles of music to a smooth and fresh new sound.

Sara Lugo introduces her debut album “What about love”, surprising with its variety. Together with Sara's unique voice this album definitely has the potential to be the soundtrack for the summer of 2011.


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