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Demba Conta is Gambia 's most international renowned reggae musicians based abroad. He was born in Yona, a village situated in the Niani district of The Gambia. His father died when he was only eight years old. This early mishap in his life compelled him to travel in search of greener pasture at the age of fifteen.

After being in different European countries the reggae star decided to settle in Sweden . He entered school to widen his horizon and also to prepare himself to be one of The Gambia's first trained lawyer in Sweden .

Inspired by music groups like Super Eagles of The Gambia, Demba decided to invade the music scene. He married to a Swedish, who studied music at the Barclay University in and the Lund University in USA and Sweden respectively. His wife's ability and technical know how in the music industry helped in fuelling his career as a musician.

Demba Conta's first album Monkey Business was more like a trial, but fortunately it became a hit. Soon afterwards he met the Jamaica duo producers Sly Dunbar and Robbie Lyn. They built keen interest in him and started guiding him for international recognition.

His second album, United States of Africa came with lot of differences. The lyrics were captivating and besides the songs contained lot of uplifting messages for black people. The album title song became a big controversy in the Swedish press. Many white people expressed great dissatisfaction with the verse of the song that said:

African people- crawl from the vultures and stand firm

Because you are the aura of mankind- you are the dreams

You are the hopes- you are the future of all mankind

You are the future- you are the pass

You are the grand father of civilization

After all negative reports about him and his music, he went back to the studio with the assistance of Sly and Robbie to hit back on the journalists who were trying to dirty his image. He recorded a new track called Double Trouble . This track became widely appreciated and his duo Jamaican technical assistants made it available to reggae stars like Maxi Priest and Shabba in their combination song House Call , Pliers and Chaka Demus, Beres Hammond and Wyne Wonder.

Demba Conta is a multi-faceted musician who writes his own songs and produces himself under his own label called Yin Yang situated in Swedish capital Stockholm . Currently he is busy preparing to drop his fifth album and also to set up a recording studio with the assistance of The Gambian President Dr. Yahya A.J.J Jammeh.

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