viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014


After a few years of experimenting around with the most different equipment
and styles (from Gabba over Digital Hardcore to Techno and Electronica) disrupt
finally discovered Dub as the one universal way of music. From the lack of money
came the idea of producing own Dub music with the obvious (and back then also the
only) tool at hand - a cheap laptop.

The first attempts on tracks in this veine were released in May 2004 on the
highly recommended PHONOCAKE netlabel as the 'A Fistful Of Dub'-EP. This
release turned out to become a small surprise hit which gave enough motivation
to pursue the whole thing further on and eventually start the JAHTARI label
together with Rootah in Nov 2004.

Since 2007 a heap of vinyl releases followed: releases om WERK, Scotch Bonnett
and Police In Helicopter, two solo LPs, many EPs and 7"s (alongside Maffi) -
and an album with Soom T which took the two of them touring around the globe
over the last two years.

Right now disrupt is heavily getting into building his own music gear DIY style
(like this baby over HERE) to see what real voltage and old-school microchips can
do to Dub and Reggae in an otherwise over-digitalized age. So better stay tuned -
there's no end in sight for future goodness!

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