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aka :Anthony Cameron

Words of spiritual power, struggle, redemption and hope have always had a special relationship to reggae music. It is in this context that reggae fans are all tracking down the scent of a rare rose Anthony Red Rose) that is.

Anthony Red Rose, singer\songwriter and producer, has been an artist with his fingers on the cultural pulse of reggae music. His songwriting reflects upon the struggles of man in his environment and also upon the rewards that can be gained spiritually if one only believes in a power that is higher than man. He does not, however, shy away from writing and singing songs of love. Whether it's love between a man and woman or the love of the Most High, he brings his message across with clarity and definition.

As a singer\songwriter, Red Rose has released numerous singles; namely "Positive Fighter", "Man a Lion" (Pyramid), "No Heathen" (Startrail Records), "Guns and Roses" (with Bounti Killa) and "Gimme De Weed" (Tommy Boy). Red Roses' first album, "Family Man", was released in New York, Japan and England in late 1993. His latest singles are "Coconut Water," "Unite" and "Jah No Game."

In recent years, Red Rose had been focusing on building his production company. Red Rose is currently producing some of the top reggae artists in Jamaica. Just released are singles featuring the likes of Luciano, Mikey Spice, Beres Hammond and new reggae "diva," Brown Sugar. He is also working on an album to be released late 1997. Red Rose's production successes include: Simpleton's " Quarter to Twelve, " Mad Cobra's " Dun Wife, " Bounti Killa's " Guns and Roses " and Fabbi Dolly's " Peanut Punch" to name a few.

Born Anthony C. Cameron on December 19th in St. Mary, and brought up in St. Catherine, Jamaica, Red Rose started his singing career as an altar boy at the local church in his community in Spanish Town. Red Rose's early upbringing planted the seed for the culture-based music he is dedicated to today.

Red Rose began selecting and deejaying on "Sir Duncan" Sound System and in 1980, recorded his first single "Sandy" for producer and good friend Bunny Lee. The popularity of this release opened the door to King Tubby. Rose spent a lot of time at King Tubby's "learning from the pros... the Godfathers of Reggae." He states, " I used to just be around these brethrens all day as a youth, listening to them talk, watching them make good music ----Man like Sly, Bob [Marley], Bunny Lee, Inspector Willy, Peter [Tosh]--- dem man yah are the real pioneers of reggae music." It was while "learning" from the greats that he penned and sung "Tempo," a song that continues to be sold throughout the world. It has been compiled on CD (Tuff Gong International label) with songs of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and other reggae greats.

Red Rose is a self-made entertainer with a registered corporation (Red Rose Music Ltd.), which is a publishing and recording company. His labels, "How Yu Fi Sey Dat?" and "Raggedy Joe" are one of the top producing labels in Jamaica that boasts an extensive catalogue. He has produced, written and recorded with the likes of Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Dennis Brown, Spragga Benz, Luciano, Sizzla, Beres Hammond, Mikey Spice, Bounti Killa, Beenie Man, Derrick Lara, Everton Blender, Leroy Sibbles and a host of others. Red Rose also created several rhythm tracks along with Sly Dunbar, The Firehouse Crew, and Danny Brownie.

The multi-talented Red Rose is blossoming, releasing his fragrance of music into the international music community. Armed with a professional management team, hit song after hit song, and a cy from the reggae massive, Red Rose intends to make a "major impact" on reggae music. After years of musical nourishment, this Red Rose is definitely ready to blossom into an international reggae superstar.

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