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10 Foot Ganja Plant (also stylized as 10 Ft. Ganja Plant) is a roots/dub Reggae group based in Boston, MA that began as a spinoff collective of the popular group John Brown's Body, and is spearheaded by former JBB dub engineer Craig Welsch. The group lineup currently shares no members with JBB, and often employs the assistance of many special guest artists.

One of the main keys to 10 Ft. Ganja Plant's legacy is their consistent shroud of mystery, considering that, for the most part, fans are baffled as to whom the unfamiliar guest artists are in particular as there are often no personnel credits featured on any of their albums. While their music today has a wide range of styles, most of their music often has a more traditional vintage '70s Jamaican sound to it.

10 Ft. Ganja Plant has released nine albums to date: Presents, Hillside Airstrip, Midnight Landing, Bass Chalice, Bush Rock, 10 Deadly Shots, Vol. 1, "Shake Up the Place and 10 Deadly Shots, Vol. 2. Skycatcher was released in September 2013. In 2007, Presents was remastered and reissued by ROIR with two bonus tracks previously released strictly on 45 RPM single (one from 2000 during the same sessions as Presents and one from 2003) on their homebase label, I-Town Records, founded by Kevin Kinsella.


10 ft. Ganja Plant 7" [I-Town, 1999]
Mang Studio All-Stars 7" [I-Town, 1999]
Presents [ROIR, 1999]
Hillside Airstrip [ROIR, 2001]
Midnight Landing [ROIR, 2003]
Bass Chalice [ROIR, 2005]
Presents (Re-release of 1999 album with 2 bonus tracks) [ROIR, 2007]
Bush Rock [ROIR, 2009]
Essential 10 Ft Ganja Plant [ROIR, 2009]
10 Deadly Shots, Vol. 1 [ROIR, 2010]
Shake Up The Place [ROIR, 2011]
10 Deadly Shots, Vol. II [ROIR, 2012]
Skycatcher [ROIR, 2013]
10 Deadly Shots, Vol. III [ROIR, 2014]

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