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INJHAM is a dub artist from Rouen city and a fervent activist in dubmusic. He creates many dubplates without restraint in his home studio. Also member of the KUMIKATA SOUND SYSTEM crew, he will not hesitate to share with you his last TUNE in the various dances they organized in the Rouen area.
Injham wins at the age of 8 years a melodica at the feast of musique. Like was the custom, the following year he played his first piece "the Collegiala" at the Feast !!. Injham takes then specialized courses in music theory and recorder and he founds despite him bases music school of her normand town where he was one of the 3 pillars.
At 10, he turned to the saxophone and as every year plays on stage through the School of Music. Young adult, Injham decides to not take more lessons and decided to invent his own music influenced by the firsts synthesizer compilations, jazz, hiphop ... Injham involved in several projects at music, jazz band, reggae band.
Homestudio: He started composing! * 1999 is definitely to DUB music and all its forms and he puts on it all inspirations. A few evenings "Psycheymix 'n Dub" in pubs ...
Since July 2009, after 5 years of musical silence, INJHAM is BACK!Early in 2010, KOSMO intercepts vibration and celebrates the return of INJHAM with the release of their first EP on the label, the beginning of a new digital era roots ! Be careful ...! ? ?
Greatly appreciating all forms of collaborations he will quickly evolve into networks with moult dub artists and labels.
KosmonetLABEL,KINGDUB Records,MaréeBASS,Dubphonic,Svaha, ...and a lot of artists dubbers and singers...all over the world.

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