lunes, 12 de junio de 2017



Her voice sounds like a familiar place. She sings a few words, and you feel as though you’ve been there before; nostalgia. A well seasoned memory, maple syrup drizzled on a perfect slice of french toast.

Her name is her home, and Sevana sings as such. Her voice sounds like she is right at home on the track. And by the time you get to the chorus, there’s already incense burning, and raindrops falling on your mind’s rooftop. Sevana is the butterfly and Reggae is the flower.

Still fresh and buzzing from her recent showcase on fellow Jamaican artist Protoje’s 2015 European tour, Sevana is ready to sustain her presence in the industry with the grace, passion, and jawline of a strong, black queen.

Although Anita Baker and Ray Charles are credited as two of her major musical influences, Sevana prefers to not limit her inspiration to a particular artist. “I really challenge myself to listen to as many kinds as possible, I’m a music fan. I should also say that the everyday people I interact with influence my music (lyrically) as well”, says the singer.

Her first single, “Bit Too Shy”, Produced by Protoje and Winta James and released on Protoje’s Indiggnation label, sounds like 1970’s lover’s rock that you’d let repeat until the record scratched. A brilliant mix of soul and roots, its a love song that doesn’t have time to waste. A sultry “closed mouths don’t get fed” rock steady tune, with all the makings of a classic.

Up next for this amazing artist is the release of her second single, a music video, and what is sure to be her highly anticipated first EP.

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