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Hi Kee is a peaceful person with a warm and friendly attitude, powerful
voice and sharp, intelligent lyrics about our society, struggles in life
and his faith in Rasta.

He grow up in a small community called Pepper District in St Elisabeth,
Jamaica. Hi Kee, has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He is the eldest son raised
by his Rastafarian father, a pump operator at the National Water Commission
and his mother a dressmaker.

It was Hi Kee's close friend, DJ Skylan from St. Elisabeth, who offered Hi
Kee opportunity to gain experience by building his own songs and DJ-ing on
local sound systems like Tic Tac, Hi Grade CD Sound, Cosmic and Revelation

Hi Kee was only 23 years old when his first song called "Pretty like Gold"
was recorded in a studio in Mandeville/Manchester, Jamaica. In 2004 the
tune received airplay throughout Jamaican radio stations and Hi Kee was
interviewed by Radio HOT 102 a national radio station. Unfortunately due to
lack of funds and knowledge this song did not get released on 7 inch and no
further recordings took place.

However, Hi Kee continued to search for partners to produce his music and
in doing so, Hi Kee became educated about the Jamaican reggae industry. He
has performed in lots of studios and countless stage shows all over the
island. He has reasoned with many respected elders from the music scene and
trained his voice & DJ skills to a highly professional level.

In January 2009 Hi Kee signed with LT International, a artist management
company. Since working together, Hi Kee has recorded countless singles and
tunes for various compilation albums, all to be released this year or early
2010. His first single is called "Woman of Virtue" and was recorded for
Maasto Records, a label in Finland. The second single called "Goodness
Gratious" was recorded for Reality Chant Productions, a label in New

Further recordings are called "Heights Up" for Akom Records in France,
Fyah Blaze for Bassrunner Prod. in Austria, Blood a Run for the label
Lustre Kings from the USA and From a Far for UK-based label True Sounds .
The jamaican poduction team "Whatage Muzic" is also prepairing two new
releases for Hi Kee - "Mr Chattymouth" and "Keep Rasta Fyah Blazing",
release expected for June 2009. Since start of the year, Hi Kee is working
on his debuet-album and 2 videoclips. Watch out for more news about this
emerging young roots reggae artist from Jamrock....

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