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 is a French formation located in Lyon.
The group began its activities in 2002.
Passionately fond of Jamaican Dubs & Electronic, DUB ADDICT is producing his own music with many different influences such as ethical sounds, roots dub, steppas, heavy dub, electro music....

They play it through their own customized sound system whose is inspired by Jamaican and English traditional sounds, but with a French touch...
At present, they are developing an 8 KW power system and can wire for sound a hall for about 700 people. It is also really effective for strong sensations in the open!!

The idea is to go to towns the world over and produce Dub & good's vibes... all night long...

DUB ADDICT's artists are composed by 3 live acts (own productions), a DJ Selector and a singer:

Live acts:

His productions are a mixture of cuttings reggae dubs & tones drawn from original film sound tracks, ethical sounds and sound tinkering...
He likes to work with different singers like Learoy Green (UK) or Pilgrim. He is also the guitarist for the French group " Kaly Live Dub " (Pias/DDP). Live show about 1 h 30

His music brings a Roots Dub colour to the group. His production methods respect the old school spirit of 70's Jamaican. During the performances, he is accompanied by the singer Pilgrim. Live show, about 1h.

Sound engineer at the " Only One Studio " and also for the Kaly Live Dub group, he produces for Dub Addict, a French transgenic Dub, with many different influences such as electro techno & break beat. It's a dynamic live session!! Live show, about 1 h


19DUB /
He is the Selector of Dub Addict Sound. His wild grouping of sounds plunges you into Dub from the 60's up to today with versions from Lee Perry to Iration Steppas. He improvises on all tracks he plays with many Dub effects. He can be accompanied by Pilgrim. Live show, 2/3 h or more...

He is the Singer for Dub Addict Sound. His melodic voice has a 60's to 70's sound. He likes to compose freedom songs, and wants to put over peace messages. He is a man of great sensibility and humanity. He used to work on Roots Massacre productions but now, he has begun great interpretations of certain compositions of Pilah. He also sings with other groups, for example, Inna Rose (Lyon / France)...

Playing conditions :
With sound system : All the artists or a part of them. (2 mini) / Transport conditions: a truck and also a car if with all the crew.
Without sound system: All the artists or part of them...as wanted by the producers/ Transport conditions: car, train or plane.

We are open with clash and meeting with many Dub, Dub steps, Electro Artists...

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