viernes, 4 de julio de 2014


Essex based Dubateers produces some of the heaviest UK Dub and Reggae ever to hit the streets. Established in 2004 their releases have been huge anthems for many of the UK’s greatest sound systems. First emerging from Dougie Wardrop's 'Conscious Sounds' studio's Dubateers have firmly and quickly established themselves as a new and exciting UK Dub outfit.
With a reputable record label, groundbreaking new styles of music, establishment of one of the UK's most known underground Dub Clubs 'The Dub Bunker' and their unique freestyle approach with selector and singers, Dubateers challenges the definition of UK Dub, its production, and the sound generated LIVE in the dancehall.

To date Dubateers has sold tens of thousands of the troubled vinyl format and continues to uphold the traditions UK Dub against all odds. Performances have been regularly made by Dubateers across most european destinations on many occasions in their busy schedule of home and abroad sessions, both advertised and underground.

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