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Nick Manasseh appeared on the British dub scene at the Notting Hill Carnival in year 1985. it was the first time he played on stage. The sound system which he played was just finished a few days before. The speakers were all hand made and the amps and pre-amp were custom built by the veteran amp builder ‘Jah Tubbys’. Right from the start the sound has specialised in Roots Reggae Music.

Late in the 80′s, Nick begin a radio show in the station Kiss Fm with his friend Jeremy Armstrong. They returned from a trip to Jamaica loaded up with rare oldies and some dubplates from King Tubbys which they broadcasted in their show. This radio show popularize Manasseh who created his sound then. The success come immediately for his sound and he could share the stage with Jah Shaka and Jah Warrior, make sessions with Coxsone, Observer, Jah Tubbys, The Fatman.

Also, he created a project with Scruff Guilder in 1987 under the name Sound Iration and published some few singles. With Sound Iration, Manasseh realize his first productions and own music.

In the beginning of the 90′s, with the help of Gil Cang, Eddie Rocksteady and Mak Gilchrist, he created the Riz Label. The music and productions part is the work of Manasseh and Gil Cang. The first releases were Orville Smith’s Leaving Rome, Bob Skeng’s Education and Earl 16′s Natural Roots.

After lot of records and some big success such the album “the Manasseh meets the Equalizer”, the crew decides to stop the label after the “Skenga” EP in summer 1999.

Nowaday, the Manasseh Sound System is composed of Nick Manasseh as a selector and music producer and usually with Brother Culture on the mic.

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