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Tsunami Wazahari is a french producer & dj , he began young to be dj in locals bars and clubs , then it begins to produce electronic sounds in his room, influenced by the electronic techno and house but also by trip-hop, breakbeat and ethnic music.
First immersed in the techno scene, he turned naturally to dub, a perfect mix of positive vibrations and electronic sounds, electronics engineer, he like to tinker in his own studio. He continued in parralelles sides of projects over electronic, trip-hop or dubtech and dj set or sound system sessions .
This production is a melting pot of digital dub, electronic tricks with big asian influence and which gives a unique touch to these productions.
He produced a first CD album, a 12″ EP and many release and remix on internet: on Al Dente Records ( which it is manager) and he also joined Fresh Poulp Records. His music is played on radio stations around the world.Live, he is accompanied by the bass player Rico da Halvarez and the belgian MC Saimn-I, who also participate in productions. They are now very active in the international scene and has already performed in Mexico, China, East and West Europe …

On stage, Tsunami Wazahari live’s project is hold by Tsu and by the bassist “Rico da Halvarez”.
The sound is warm and gives a melting pot of dub roots, digital, with electronic tricks from his handmade siren to provide a very tasty sound.
Music lover since his childhood, he’s now very active in the international scene, and has already performed in Mexico, Bruxelles, Paris, with Vibronics, Uzinadub, Gorillaz, Andy C, Benga, and more ! for more info check tourdates
Tsunami Wazahari also produces behind turntables, and his sets are composed of trip-hop, dub steppa, to jungle ragga.


*Hanuman Hi-Fi (Fresh Poulp Records, 2010)
*Nippon Takeover 12inch vinyl ( Al Dente Dubplates,2010)
*Nippon Takeover (Al Dente Records, 2009)
*Ganesh Hi-Fi (Fresh Poulp Records, 2008)
*Click Clack EP (Al Dente Records, 2008)
*Fat Leg Dub EP (Al Dente Records, 2008)
*Prophet of the Fat Sound CD Album (Al Dente Records, 2007)
*Outta Breaks Remix Serie LP (Al Dente Records, 2006)
*Disciple of the Fat Sound EP (Al Dente Records, 2006)
*Infracommander EP ( Al Dente Records, 2006)
*Outta Breaks LP (Al Dente Records, 2006)


*Compilation Highvory on Original Dub Gathering / King Dub Records (OK001 2011)
*Compilation Fresh Poulp Rec. for Tsugi Magazine (Tsugi Bonus Digital #11 2009)
*Compilation Al Dente Rec. for Tsugi Magazine (Tsugi Bonus Digital #7 2009)
*Compilation Octopus Two (Fresh Poulp Records 2009)
*Remixed by Gary Clunk: Overcome the Situation (French Dub Releaze 2009)
*Compilation Al Dente Rec. 25 (Al Dente Records 2008)
*Remixed by Webcam Hi-Fi: STEP4I part.4 (ODG 2008)
*Remix Dubilizer: Sub Existência (Fresh Poulp Records 2009)
*Remix Rafiralfiro: Istanbul Engloutie Eps (Fresh Poulp Records 2008)

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