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Our band is made up of a cross section of cultures with talents ranging from the Caribbean shores of Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica, to the mother land of Africa. We have infused our musical vibes to create the original sound, we call Eclipse International.

Our band is made up of five members who currently reside in the DC metro area and we are eager to jam and rock any session. In January 2010, our three founding members Michael, Orin and Frankie decided to join together and form a band with members who shared a common love for music, strong work ethic and a desire to provide an exceptional musical experience while continually building a wide and extensive repertoire of music. The members of Eclipse International enjoy jamming to conscious roots reggae, lovers rock, dancehall, upbeat soca, steeldrums and the tantalizing rhythms of African zouk. We play a wide selection of original music, hit cover songs as well as remixes of popular pop, rock and R&B hits, with an island twist.

Our lead singer Orin, spent many years working as an entertainer on cruise ships and in hotels and has mastered the art of entertaining and seducing his audience with his unique voice while skillfully playing the piano. He is backed by his close friends, Mike on the drums and Frank on the keyboards. Mike who is also from Trinidad & Tobago, started playing the drums and steeldrums as a teenager and has become a distinguished musician on the DC circuit for over 10 years. Frankie a son of the soils of Ghana, lead pianist who is self taught and has toured the world before migrating to Washington D.C where he played with numerous local bands. Tanish our guitarist also from Ghana, a master on the strings has the ability to keep the band's energy high. Englishman, our bass guitarist straight outta Jamaica helps keep the irie vibe flowing has also toured the world and while being a local musician in the DC metro area for the past 25+ years.

Eclipse International, a new band on the Afro- Caribbean scene in the Washington DC metro area. A musical sound like no other, with a vibe to move fans of all nations.

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