martes, 26 de mayo de 2015


Life for Jah Marnyah began in Plymouth, Montserrat where he was born Euclid Skerritt in 1981 and grew up in a small village called Salem. As a young boy Jah Marnyah had a strong passion for music, which developed fast like the volcano of his island. Now living in the UK, Jah Marnyah has launched his music career and is welcomed by many who love his remarkable performances and extraordinary songs. His first release 'Anointed One' in 2004 captured many with its dynamic flow and positive lyrics. Since then life for Jah Marnyah has moved from strength to strength, guided by his God and King to weather the modern day storm. Other releases include Ghetto life, Why, Fuss n' Fight, Stormy Weathers, I Try and Oh Jah which were released on various record labels. He has an innate multitalented ability to sing on numerous types of riddims whether R&B, Dub, Reggae or even calypso, Jah Marnyah has something sensational for everyone. This versatile songwriter is blessed with a lyrical gift not forgetting his astounding talent to sing and DJ. Jah Marnyah never fails to entertain his crowds whether small or large he gives 100% dedication, energy and attention which is probably why he is so appreciated.
This phenomenal music artist is someone to look out for.

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