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Asher Senator (b. Peter St Aubyn) grew up in Clapham, South London. He starteddeejaying at the age of 14 at house parties and then on the Buchanan Sound System along with his sparring partnerSmiley Culture. Together they went on to deejay on sounds such as Black Harmony and Frontline before joining Coxsone Outernational and most famously Saxon Studio International in the early to mid 80's.

Asher Senators inspiration as a deejay came from deejays such as Brigadier Jerry and Nicodemus who they often heard through sound tapes. His first single was »Abbreviation Qualification« b/w »Fast Style Origination« released on Fashion in 1984. It was voiced and mixed at the A-Class Dub Studio that was located under Dub Vendor at Lavender Hill. »Fast Style Origination« told the tale of the Fast Chat style originated by fellow Saxon deejay Peter King.

He then featured on the first LP release from Fashion, a various artists collection of English deejays. This featured »Fast Style Origination« and a split effort with Smiley Culture called »It's Coming Down«. The latter being the only example on vinyl of the two sparring with each other.

In 1985 he would headline in the first part of a clash series with deejays from Jamaica and England contesting each other. The first volume of JA To UK Clash featured Asher and Johnny Ringo. Some more singles for Fashion followed.

In 1986 followed Ashers first and only solo album Born To Chat.

In the late 80's Asher set up his own label Senator Records where he would release his own productions featuring himself, Smiley Culture, Tippa Irie and Joseph Cotton. During the 90's he featured on some various projects - many non-reggae.

Later on Asher would focus on community politics by setting up C.O.D.E. 7 Music an organization created to help youths trying to get in to the music and drama industry.

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