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Delroy Wright was born in Western Kingston, Denham Town (Kingston 14). His father, Vincent Wright, was the local consultant for the community they lived in but also involved in the Sound System and recording business. Together with Stranger Cole and Delroy Wilson Vincent opened a store where his sons Delroy and Hyman (later known as Jah Life) used to hang around after school listening to music. Vincent also produced music with Delroy Wilson and Stranger Cole, releasing their music on his B&W label.

Delroy Wrights musical inspirations was Coxsone Dodd and Duke Reid stating that he tried to make his productions sound like theirs. Of the two brothers it was Hyman that first started producing. This was in 1971. By this time the whole family, parents, brothers and their sister, had relocated to Brooklyn, New York. It was in NY that Jah Life produced most of his music.

Delroy himself started producing music around '72 or '73. He had previously been getting himself in a lot of problem and by deciding to start producing music it was his way of trying to get away from it. It was by this time he launched his label Live & Learn. Initially Delroy produced much of his music together with his brother releasing songs by artists such as Ras Michael, Barrington Levy, Michael Prophet and Al Campell. His distributors at this time was Randy's. When producing he would travel a lot between Jamaica and the US. He would record most of his music in JA at the Channel One studio and onwards from the late 80's at the Music Mountain studio (the latter a quite secluded studio located in the hills).

Delroy's labels
Live & Learn

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