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Junior P (Patrick Robinson) is a young new artist from the island of St. Croix, who demonstrates some amazing musical skills on his debut release. Junior P was first introduced to the U.S. artist in 2004 when he lended his fine keyboard skills touring with Dezarie and Ikahba.

Junior P's first album was released towards the end of 2004. Junior P wrote, composed and arranged all 15 of the tracks on Give Thanks. Positive Vibez was released in 2006, & shows Junior P's musical diversity. He plays virtually all the instruments, did all the recording and mixing on these CDs. He also appears on the Black Star Liner Vol. 2 compilation.

"Junior P" started out as Patrick Robinson 21 years ago in beautiful St.Croix, Virgin Islands. Music has been in his blood and soul since the beginning; starting out with piano lessons at age four, then progressed into learning the drums and bass. He decided that becoming a professional reggae artist would be his destiny.

At age fifteen, he started producing and making beats. The next step happened after high school, he went to Orlando, FL to study at the premier Recording arts school "FullSail" which he completed his associates degree in Recording Arts. He then travel back to Virgin Islands to complete his debut album "Give Thanks" at the end of 2004.
He then embarked on a ten day west coast tour that showcased V.I. stars Dezarie and Ikahba. It was was an invaluable experience that just enforced his desire to continue his dream. His cd continues to clinmb the charts in the V.I. and he look forward to continued growth and success globally.

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