miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2015


The Dutch reggae band Misty Basement started off as a group of friends with a love for reggae music. They were inspired to make music of their own by the great reggae musicians from Jamaica. Now Misty Basement has become an influential reggae band that has already proven to be dynamic and inspiring on stage . With their own style they create a positive vibe that generates a good feeling amongst all.

This creation of musical freedom, they like to call “Basement Style” cannot be classed or compared with any other reggae sound. This is simply because they have created their own unique powerful sound.

After a long and hard road Misty Basement independently released their debut album “The Same House” with songs like Who’s Fooling Who and Give the Children.

Misty Basement's lyrics don’t only concern matters of social and world problems or gambling addiction and war, but also about love and peace, feeling good and rainbow children. Their words and sound..... come straight from the heart and soul..... to reach each and every living man..... to brighten their horizon.

So are you ready for some reggae music inna different style ?


Misty Basement Time !!

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