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African reggae rootsman, Kulcha Far I (Christopher Hakata) was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is around 1980, the year of Zimbabwe's independence, that Kulcha stepped onto the reggae scene. Performances in Zimbabwe by the legendary Bob Marley and The Wailers, Misty in Roots, Aswad and UB40, among others, solidified his reggae foundation. To Kulcha, these performances were like the reggae seed that was planted by the reggae rivers of water, which would bring forth fruit in due season.

Known for his spirited and inspired lyrics and vocals, Kulcha Far I has over the years put together some inspiring musical works. In the year 2000, he released to critical acclaim the then long-awaited debut CD, Africa Is My Roots, which featured epic songs like The Bush Must Burn, Survive, Tower of Babylon, Zion Destination, Woman In The Crowd, and the title track. This album was co-produced by long-time producer and musical collaborator, Keith Abrams and the multi-talented producer Ian Stinson in California. Kulcha brought Abrams back in the fold on the latest CD, Man on A Mission.
The Reggae Beat, the world's premier Reggae, African, Caribbean and music magazine reviewed Africa Is My Roots, dubbing the CD message music for the new millennium. (The Beat, Vol. 19, No. 6, 2000).
Kulcha's 2004 sophomore CD, African Rasta, picked up from where Africa Is My Roots left off, showcasing serious-time vibes and lyrics.
Having performed in many places in the United States and in European countries like Holland, Switzerland and Belgium, Kulcha continues to carry the African reggae flag up high, spreading his brand of roots reggae, delivering his message of peace, love and oneness.

In 2013, Kulcha has just released his new CD "Man On A Mission." On this record, he collaborates once again with his long-time producer, arranger and bassist Keith Abrams to offer yet another strong epic release. The new CD features epic songs like Mother Nature, No More Wars, Here I Am, Man On A Mission, etc.

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