martes, 17 de junio de 2014


In the beginning, Metastaz is a dub producer from Saint-Etienne in France. This dub Activist has produced 3 releases in free download via 2 different net labels. His own music is a kind of Electro-Dub near the Jarring Effect's productions like High Tone or EZ3kiel.

During the year 2007 in Lyon, Thomas (a.k.a Metastaz) surrounds himself of others musicians. However, they keep the name Metastaz for this new project, like a live band.

A new album will be published in CD (self production or label, nothing is sour yet) in the springtime 2008 with lot of guests: Blu Rum 13, Pao, Miscalleneous, Junior Cony, Fedayi Pacha...

Line-up Mathieu Wilinger - Bass / Cello Alexandre Adier - Guitar H.C Pinet

- Drums Thomas Simoës - Machines / Xylophone / Accordion / Piano / Melodica


like Metastaz dub producer Electro-Choc Cerebral (2005 - PDA dub.net) Conquest (2005 - PDA dub.net) Anekoik Pressure (2006 - PDA dub.net / "extended version" 2007 - Les Cristaux liquident)

like Metastaz dub band Coming soon

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