lunes, 9 de octubre de 2017


Through all the ups and downs , success' and failures, i am thankful i found a way to continue loving myself.. I am an artist for the most parts; singer/songwriter, music producer, entertainer, i paint and i love Art . I dabble in all styles, like the practicality of acrylic but i prefer oil. Art is therapy and something deeply reassuring for me . I am always moved and inspired by a great piece of work, be it sculpture, paintings, fashion, photography, interior decorating, architectural designs, acting, dancing, etc.etc..I also love gardening with a passion..complete silence nature, beauty and my fingers in the soil. I constantly strive to cultivate, be aware of, and maintain the behavior that will enable me to be a better person. But bwoy do i fail a lot!!! Spiritual discipline; my greatest challenge!!! The other thing is i studied music at Bronx Community & Lehman College.....I am very luck having experienced a great career thus far..and i am not where i want to be...but the journey is sweet...... Have been on the reggae scene since the 80's....Opening shows for Wailers, Toots, Jimmy Cliff, and many more..Long island city, Queens-early 90's....I was a part of a great rock band called "Strange Indeed" ( Randy Lee, Ray Lowie, James Liebow, Tony Gracci, oh and Ari Friedman)..I will always love and respect you guy for teaching me so much and putting up with my insanity..I left the band scene and went solo. But it would be years later, before i landed a major record deal for Germany as a solo artist. My management in Germany was more interested in my budget (money) at Edel Records than my development...Crooks disguised as management, using me(artist) as their decoy to rob the record company...I fought for what they agreed to pay me, got it and exited their burning building.....Germany was the best thing that happen to me in my adult life and career...Now i see that the record deal was just a vehicle to Europe. After 25 years in NYC, this is where spirit placed me and i am humbled and thankful.. .PERRY HENZELL ...with love -May he rest in peace..."I am so happy i got a chance to chat with you at the London opening of the musical"...""THE HARDER THEY COME-THE HARDER THEY FALL""..*RAY DARWIN*

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