sábado, 2 de septiembre de 2017


“Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men.” - Marcus Garvey

Knotti Chris, Isaac Faith & Itah Torch, better known as the Thunderlions are leading the way by creating conscious music. This Brooklyn based group stepped into the music scene as a group in 2012 and have already made quite an impression in the industry. They’re well known for their progressive lyrical flow which stems from their natural personalities combined with their diverse backgrounds. This collaboration led these two masterminds to form a powerful fusion that simply sealed the deal.

Thunderlions will soon become a household name. They are innovative creators who understand that music is not just an outlet, it’s also a gift and a responsibility. Their mission is to spread awareness by using their talent to convey a righteous and educational message while encouraging other musicians to do the same. The Thunderlions pride themselves on producing music outside of the box such as, “Selassie Selassie,” “Black Faith Soldiers,” and “Fadeway.” In every track, you can hear the deep-rooted message they were sent to convey.

The Thunderlions have an impressive range of influences, from Haile Selassie I to musicians like Barrington Levy, their individual life experiences, and genres of music itself including Jazz, Reggae, Hip Hop, and Soca. Their sound is a harmonious blend of all the music they love and enjoy; a sound that constantly grabs your attention. Along with their musical career, they are also very business minded. They’ve built a brand which includes merchandising, graphic designs, film production, audio production and marketing services. They have great knowledge of the music business and is transferring their skills to create an enterprise that will reflect their mission.

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