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Cat Coore was born in Kingston, Jamaica. His parents, David and Rita Coore were both Caribbean scholars. His father is a Jamaican scholar and his mother who was from Trinidad was a Caribbean scholar. Cat’s mother studied music and broadcasting at McGill University and later at the Royal College in London.

She was taught by Lloyd Webber, whose son Andrew became one of the most famous broadway writers of all time. From a very early age Cat’s mother noticed that when she played music in the house that it had an impact on the young Steven, and when he was 4 she began to teach him a few simple things on the piano, Rita at the time had become one of Jamaica’s most respected music teachers and a favorite adopted daughter of Jamaica. However, Cat did not show a great deal of love for the piano but would walk in circles every time she played her Pablo Casals records, since Casals was probably the greatest cello player ever she thought, “Maybe I’ll send him to cello lessons”

This proved to be the right move as Cat immediately took to the instrument and thus started his love for string instruments. He studied with Noel Foster Davis, whom Cat credits for the rest of his musical background, he performed on many stages with the cello. Two of the more memorable ones were when he played the piece, “The Swan” for Princess Anne at Kings House and winning a silver medal in the Jamaica festival at age ten when all other contestants were much older.

When Cat turned twelve he fell in love with pop music, mainly the Ska and Pop. He loved the Beatles and asked his mom for a guitar and she obliged and this started a love like no other. He progressed so fast that he joined the Inner Circle band when he thirteen as lead guitarist. He stayed with Inner Circle for four years and performed throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean and did one or two shows in North America. At age seventeen and longing to do something different, Cat started a group with his friend Colin Leslie and shortly thereafter was joined by his lifelong friend Ibo Cooper. This was the genesis of Third World Band. Cat has been the Third world guitarist and cellist for 35 years during which there have been great successes, many hits and many albums. Cat has performed with Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana, The Police, Stevie Ray Vaughn and has recorded with Sly and Robbie, Cindy Lauper, Gregory Issacs and many others.
His two main inspirations were Bob Marley and Carlos Santana

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