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With outstanding performances on major European festivals and venues like Roskilde (Denmark), Lowlands (Netherlands), Festineuch (Switserland), Coleur Café (Belgium), Cabaret Sauvage (France) and Super Bock Fest (Portugal), Ziggi Recado proves once again that he is amongst the top reggae acts.

After 3 successful albums and an EP, his first independent release the “#LIBERATION”-ep is here. On this new EP Ziggi Recado proves once more that he is not only an excellent writer and singer, but also an innovative producer with great musical feel.

Growing up on the Caribbean island of St. Eustatius the young Ricardo Blijden was given the nickname Ziggi by his grandparents who raised him. In 1999 Ziggi Recado moved to the Netherlands to study. Through the influence of friends who were aspiring artists, Ziggi began experimenting with music around 2001/2002. This gradually grew into a hobby that he had a natural talent for. In 2003 Ziggi was introduced to Berteaut “Mr Rude” Fleming who eventually started Rock(N)Vibes entertainment which became Ziggi’s first Label/Management.

In February of 2006, Ziggi Recado released his debut album “So Much Reasons”. With this album Ziggi gained national notoriety in The Netherlands and managed to capture several awards such as “Best Album”, “Best Artist” and “Best Live Act”. His track “Blaze it” also had a major impact internationally and peaked at the #1 position in the official German reggae charts for weeks.

Ziggi Recado and his Renaissance Band closed off 2007 at a peak by touring as the official support act on what was considered the biggest reggae tour that year, Gentleman’s Another Intensity European Tour 2007.

Quote Gentleman: “Ziggi should wear sunglasses because his future is too bright!”

In 2008 With the cooperation of VP/Greensleeves records Ziggi’s 2nd studio album “In Transit” was released. This album which included the hit songs “Need to tell you this” and “Gonna leave you” received raving reviews throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Ziggi was now drawing attention on a global level.
Ziggi & The Renaissance band toured extensively in 2009 playing well over 100 shows and solidifying his reputation as an outstanding live act.

In 2010 Ziggi continued to tour and also released his first EP exclusively on Itunes called “Same Difference/Introducing Ziggi Recado”, followed by the self-entitled album “Ziggi Recado” in 2011.

Now in 2012 with his new EP, Ziggi Recado has taken his music to a next level and shows that he’s here to stay.

”#LIBERATION” is the ongoing process in the evolution of Ziggi Recado.

2011 was a significant year for Ziggi. His third studio album “Ziggi Recado” was released in April 2011 by VP Records/Rock(n)Vibes. This was followed by “The Green Tour” where Ziggi and his Renaissance band toured extensively in Europe. Ziggi also appeared on the Reggae for Japan in New York and left a very positive impression in the U.S.
All seemed well with Ziggi until the surprising news in August that Ziggi and Rock(N)Vibes, the label/management which Ziggi had been with from the start of his career (2005) would be parting ways. When asked about the reason for the split, Ziggi said : “It boiled down to us having different views about how I should advance my career, also our personal relationship had changed very much during the years as we both had alot of changes in our personal life”. “At the end it got to the point where it didn’t feel right at all”. This was a significant change for Ziggi as it left him without management and/or a label for the first time.

”#LIBERATION” is a 6 track EP and his first “independent” project. “I was fortunate enough to link with some really positive people who I felt could just ride with what I had going on. I work with Herbalize It Agency who basically cover tourmanagement functions plus some management aspects of my career. Decko and Dredda Records were very interested and positive about my project and I ended up with a great, small, motivated team to help me get
this project done.” “What I knew I wanted for sure was to give the people music, at the end that’s what it’s about.” “That’s why this EP will be for free for a limited time”. “I intend to put out more music than before, always felt that was something that would be great for me”. “This will be my “EP year” as an EP with Curtis Lynch (Necessary Mayhem) and Decko (Dredda Records) is also in the making”. “Feelin liberated and definitely motivated like never before, I’m sure you’ll hear it in the music”.

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