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Midnite is a roots reggae band from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, which has been playing since 1989.
The band's music follows in tradition with the roots reggae bands of 1970s Jamaica. The lyrical portions of Midnite's compositions are characterized as the "chant and call" style which gives their music a spiritually intense and an overtly Rastafari movement feel. The lyrics are centrally focused on the plights of the oppressed, the inherent faults of the current political, economic and social settings on a global scale, and the redemption available to mankind through a life dedicated to Jah.


The band was started by Benjamin brothers Vaughn (vocals) and Ron (keyboard, but later switched to bass), and has been playing since 1989. They recorded Ras Mek Peace (Before Reverb and Without Delay) while living in Washington, D.C. during the mid-90s. The album was named so, because it was reportedly recorded live in one room, straight to two-track analog tape. It was mastered without the use of compression or corrective equalization.  Later, they returned home to St. Croix in the late '90s to play with local musicians and record at their music studio, African Roots Lab.
Midnite frequently collaborates with new artists and has played as the back-up band on a number of African Roots Lab artists' releases, such as Dezarie's Fya and Gracious Mama Africa and Ikahba's Trodding to Zion.
In September 2011, Midnite released their first professionally produced music video for their song "Mongst I&I".[2] The video features members of the band in casual settings and depicts the rastafarian culture in Frederiksted, United States Virgin Islands (referred to as "Freedom City," St. Croix), and Kingston, Jamaica.


Midnite es una importante banda de reggae que procede de St. Croix (Islas Vírgenes, . Su música sigue la tradición de los legendarios grupos jamaicanos de roots reggae de los años 70. Las partes líricas de las composiciones de Midnite se caracterizan por el estilo "chant and call" que proporciona a su música una intensa espiritualidad y abiertamente rastafari. Las letras se centran principalmente en las plegarias de los oprimidos, los fallos de la política, economía y sociedad actual, y la salvación de la humanidad mediante una vida dedicada a Jah.
El grupo fue fundado por los hermanos Vaughn Benjamin (voz) y Ron Benjamin (teclado) en 1989. Grabaron Ras Mek Peace (Before Reverb and Without Delay mientras vivían en Washington DC a mediados de los años 90. El álbum se llamó así porque fue grabado, según dicen, en una habitación con solamente dos micrófonos. A finales de los 90 volvieron a St. Croix para tocar con músicos locales y grabar en su propio estudio, African Roots Lab.
Midnite colabora frecuentemente con nuevas bandas y ha tocado con varios artistas del African Roots Lab, como Dezarie y Ikahba.


Children Of Jah Dubs Midnite/Rastar (March 2013)
Free Indeed Midnite/Higher Bound (January 2013)
Children Of Jah Midnite/Rastar (June 2012)
In Awe Midnite/Fifth Son (January 2012)
King's Bell Midnite (November 2011)
Anthology Midnite (July 2011)
The Way Midnite/Rastar (June 2011)
Standing Ground Dub Midnite/ Fifth Son (2011)
Treasure Midnite/Rastar (2011)
Momentum Midnite/Fifth Son (2010)
What Makes A King? Midnite (2010)
Ark A Law Midnite/Lion I (2010)
Frontline Midnite/Various (2009)
Kings Of Kush Midnite/Rastar Mix (2009)
To Mene Midnite/Rastar (2009)
Ina Now Midnite/Rastar (2009)
Defender Of The Faith Midnite/Various (2009)
New Name Midnite/Various (2009)
Infinite Dub Lustre Kings (2008)
For All with Youssoupha Sidibe (2008)
Supplication To H.I.M. with Rastar (2008)
Standing Ground with Lion Tribe (2008)
Live 94117 (2008)
KayaMagan with Desmond Williams (Released 2008 but recorded in 1999)
Maschaana with Natural Vibes (2008)
Bless Go Roun with Higher Bound Productions (2007)
Infinite Quality with Lustre Kings (2007)
Better World Rasta with Rastar 2007
Rule the Time with I Grade (2007)
Aneed with GroundBreaking (2007)
Suns of Atom with Lion Tribe (2006)
New1000 with Mystic Vision (2006)
Thru & True with Ras L (2006)
Current with Mystic Vision (2006)
Jah Grid with I Grade (2006)
Let Live with I Grade (2004)
Ainshant Maps (2004)
Full Cup with Ras L (2004)
Scheme a Things (2004)
Project III" with Branch I (2004)
He is Jah with Branch I (2003)
Geoman" with Branch I (2003)
Vijan with I Grade (2003)
Intense Pressure (2003)
Cipheraw with Branch I (2003)
Assini with I Grade (2002)
Seek Knowledge Before Vengeance (2002)
Nemozian Rasta with Dezarie and I Grade (2001)
Jubilees of Zion (2000)
Ras Mek Peace (1999)
Unpolished (1997)

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