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Amelia was born and grew up in the east midlands Derby uk , from a young age she had been blessed with the ability to sing.
As a young girl growing up in childrens homes she crossed many cultures and turned her experience of that path into singing and songwriting .
As she grew into her early teens she devoloped strong songwriting skills and worked along side various Reggae and jazz funk bands producing her own material. Her love of reggae began at at a young age and by 17 she was working at "Rebel Music" on lewis road in Brighton, a record shop that regularly had blues parties downstairs . She quickly became a regular voice at the rebel music parties and in 1998 "Jetstar" offered her a record deal on there side label cloud 9 music , this led Amelia to have a No2 hit in the Garage charts in the uk.
In 1999 she came back to Derby and became part of a reggae band called "Origin" which had a major influence on her future decisions as a reggae artist.
Amelia later met I-niverse and started to produce tracks in the studio which would later become the releases we hear today on Murray mans label (Mellow vibes).
She worked with various local sound systems , one of the main ones being (Jah Powered ). She recorded Productions with "Masterdubz" who was the owner/operator & selector .
In 2010 she met (Instrument Of Jah ) soundsystem (Patrick Anselm + Sammy Dread) , they listened to her new dubplate (scrutiny) produced by "I-niverse" and immediatley linked up. Later that year they went to Mellow vibes studio in Birmingham to meet Murryman and record the 1st release on Instrument Of Jah Records (Suffer & Soulshine).
Since then Amelia has worked with an array of producers in the roots scene such as I-niverse..Murray Man..Mark Mostec..King Earthquake.. Masaai warrior..Crystal image productions.. and soon to be releasing vinyl on her own label "soulshine musik" with Vocals from the Legendary sounds of "Earl Sixteen".. Alongside productions from.. I-niverse and Mark Mostec. She continues to spread the words of love and unity moving forward strongly to keep the vinyl alive in a heartbeat...

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