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Roots Reggae Singer from the Hills of Manchester, near Mandeville/ Jamaica.
Working for Shelter Studio/ Mandeville-JA.

Born 1959 in the Hills of Manchester near Mandeville Bionic grow up togeher with 6 sisters & 5 brothers. He loved to sing along old nursery ryhmes and soul/ rnb songs on the radio from childhood days. His first own experience performing in front of a crowd was in the early 80s on local soundsystems such as "Wa-Dat Sound", "King Massive" & "Black Starliner".
His talent was obvious so he started recording dubplates for those sounds which lead him to his first official release song in 1984, entiteled "Flush up your Lighters" on the "Total Sounds" Label.
During the late 80s he recorded a substantial amount of other 45s which include "Love sweet Love", "Youths in the Ghetto" (which was used on scotish TV) and "Two Big Sounds", his most reknown clashtune to be found on youtube now..
In 1993 Bionic got the first overseas experience on a 6 month Japan-Tour with "Vintage Band". After this great success he continued recording, singing on dubplates & soundsystems.
Two outstanding songs from those recordings in the late 90s include a combination with Terry Linen called "Guide me JahJah" (Shelter Rec.) & the cover of Dennis Brown song "Silluette".
Due to lack of Label & distribution support Bionic did not have any further releases after 95 up to today, never the less he continued to evolve his singing & writing skills with regular visits at his homebase "Shelter Studio" in Mandeville/ Jamaica.

Just 2 years ago in 2012 Bionic and his long time friend, bassplayer and engineer Oswald "IG" Gordon teamed up with german music manager Lennart "Lenny Roots" Tacke to re-activate the career of this singer .
After couple of new recordings for Tom Chasteen from LA Dubclub (StoneThrow Records) and "Dubvisionist" from Hannover/ Germany the team is now ready to come public...
Check out the previews of two new songs on his soundcloud account plus a selection of his classic recordings! Stay tuned - more news comin up shortly via this facebook account!
Bless & Love!

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