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Venezuelan musician, singer and producer Ras Sparrow (Eloy Carrero), an artist known worldwide and who holds as his mission to follow the traditional sounds and message of Roots Reggae was from an early age involved with music, but it was not until 1990’s that Roots Reggae came into his life, becoming his musical style following a deep spiritual awakening.

In 2003 he began to perform live on the island of Hawai’i at which time became known as Ras Sparrow, a name that was given to him by the Rastafari community of the island.

During this time, he formed his first reggae band “Ras Sparrow and Daily Bread” with which he performed live until 2008. That same year he released his first production “Sovereign People”, an EP of seven songs recorded and produced in his own Studio One Love, strictly using solar energy. This album contains tracks such as Tree of Life, Be a Warrior, Sovereign People and Good Seed (song which became #1 on Hawaiian FM radios as well as reaching worldwide success), from this song Ras and Queen Sparrow (2008-2013) sprung forth, profile under which were recorded songs such as I Endure (w / Hawaiian Roots Band), First Light and Zion Town.

Ras has had the honor and privilege to share the stage with reggae greats such as Israel Vibrations, Alpha Blondy, Midnite, Groundation, Kymani Marley, Anthony B, Bamboo Station, Jarett Winston, Dezarie, among others.

In late 2014, Ras Sparrow released his second EP entitled DigITAL 12 “Dub Mixes, an album with four songs, each with its respective Dub version making it a total of eight tracks, recorded and produced using strictly an iPhone 4S. This EP contains songs such as El Afortunado and The Cradle.

In July 2015, while touring Brazil, Ras launches the single entitled “Irie Island”, recorded with Judahland Band in Caracas, Venezuela and with debut participation of La Makeda on female vocals. A second single was recorded and released with Judahland in 2016, “Lion In A Cage”, a deep, slow, roots reggae.

Ras Sparrow continues his mission to spread music of love, praise, and conscience worldwide with the hopes of reaching the heart and soul of his listeners and making a positive impact.

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