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Claire Angel, christened Claire Angel Bryan, was born on 24th March in Handsworth, the city of Birmingham in the UK. It is said that when she emerged from the womb & after taking her very first breath, she cried...and her wailing, sounded like a beautifully, sad song. It sounded as if she was plucked from heaven & cried / sang a celestial song...clear, mellifluous, & incredible like that of an Angel. Claire Angel Bryan was borne & immediately had an audience, strong lungs...and a stage name. It was all natural!

As early as the age of ten, Claire Angel was singing along to popular songs on the radio. She easily exhibited a vocal range, maturity, styling and the conviction of a singer way beyond her years; but more than that she was also singing along to the hypnotic cadence of the Reggae and Roots rhythms courtesy of her Dad who was a popular "sound man" and a talented local singer.

During High School, Claire Angel was not one of the popular students. She was a loner. She didn't have many friends. According to her Mom, "the boys didn't like her & the girls didn't like her." She was bullied. As an only child, she didn't have an older brother or sister to fend for her; so when she got tired of running, she decided to fight back. The bullying stopped, but she was left with this fierce, aloof stance which justified itself as a defensive mechanism and a way of being left alone to sing, dream & fantasize about being a star.

Always the talent, beautiful to observe on stage since High School. She directed all her passion, all her pain, all her love into her performances. She had no friends to distract her from her dreams and she was noticed, acknowledged, befriended and loved only because of her vocal magic. The stage was her home and the audience was like her confidante as she would pour out her heart to them via her powerful, melodious vocals. She loved the attention and quickly noticed that singing was the one thing which moved people, strangers, even enemies to acknowledge her and to seek her friendship. It was all natural.

Since High School, Claire Angel have made quite a name for herself. She's won a plethora of talent shows and shared the stage with some of the most prestigious, iconic music personalities, albeit as an opening act. She's a singer, songwriter and easily a role model for any woman who's been through the struggles. Claire Angel can be heard singing Reggae, Roots Music, R&B, Soul, Pop, funky house, ballads, country & western and Gospel music. She's comfortable and credible in any genre, but favours Reggae because of her Jamaican roots & the early influence of her Dad's sound system.

On stage, Claire Angel is magical. It's not strange to see several members of the audience shedding tears during a Claire Angel performance. Her vocals will go from soft and whispering to strong and commanding effortlessly.

Claire Angel is the image of a fashion model; slim, shapely and tall, with a smile that seems to simply say, relax and listen. Her songs / singles are being played nationally and internationally as in Europe, Jamaica and America online and on the radio.

Claire Angel is a world class vocalist and entertainer who delivers on stage. Her true experience is also shown between the sound proof walls of any recording studio, where precious studio time is not wasted on multiple takes. Claire Angel has performed at some of the most prestigious venues in her home town of Birmingham; The International Convention Centre, The National Indoor Arena, Symphony Hall, The N.E.C, the Aston Villa Football Stadium and more.

Claire Angel Bryan is a rising star by any measure. She has the passion of a writer and the temperament which comes with sheer determination. Claire Angel...vocalist, songwriter, DJ, performer and capable, strong, talented woman. Since 2005 Claire Angel has shared the stage with the likes of: Freddie McGregor, Marcia Griffiths, Jimmy London, Vivian Jones, Big Yout, Mighty Diamonds, Taurus Riley, Queen Ifreka, Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, I-Octane, Assassin, I-Wayne, Vybz Kartel, Baby Wayne, Spragga Benz, Lady Dynamite, Jamelia, Nathan, Gappy Ranks, Estelle, Chino, Ladin, Serrani, Bugle, Munga Honorable, Janet Kay, Carol Thompson, Rose Capri, Beverley Knight and Many others.

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