domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017


Kemani "Fari Di Future" Powell, Born on December 29,1986 is the youngest of 4 siblings. He was raised in Cooreville Gardens, Kingston Jamaica, and is an aspiring Reggae artist known for his mellifluous sound and mind blowing lyrics with his catchphrase "WellKLear". In 2014 he released his first project Entitled “K.L.E.A.R Tape” which gave an introduction of the artiste’s catalogue and profile. Fari is no stranger to music having been brought up in a musical family, where his father and mother are singers from the group called "Midnight Rider". He was exposed to performing alongside them at a tender age and he also attended school of music where he learned to play instruments. Fari has done performances all around the Tri-state area, performing in venues like the Shrine lounge and Silvana, just to name a few.
Besides music Fari Difuture enjoys gaining higher knowledge of self. He enjoys agriculture as self-preservation is vital to his levity. Fari also enjoys sports like basketball and football in his spear time, as he was a member of the 2003 Excelsior High winning manning cup team. He recently released a collaborative ep with Autarchii entitled “Generation (Y)? The HOWKLEAR Project”, which is doing well on iTunes and all media outlets. Stay tuned for the upcoming Ep ‘Alkebulan’ which will be released in 2017 along with several visuals.

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