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EXCO LEVI was born Wayne Ford Levy into a talented musical family in Jamaica.
His father was the well-known reggae artiste Michael Levy better known as ‘Professor Wayne’.
The artiste Exco Levi, entered music because of the natural love he had for it and has been growing and impacting the music scene in countries such as Canada and others around the globe.
Exco has a unique style and melodic delivery that can best be described as reggae meets Motown.
He is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.
His musical tastes includes listening to and appreciating the lyricism and talents of artistes such as the late Garnett Silk, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Sizzla Kolonji. Through the inspiration of these artists he was able to develop his own unique sound.

After moving to Canada from Jamaica Exco took hold of the Canadian Reggae Music scene. His keen song writing skills then became second to his lyrical prowess and strong stage delivery.
Having penned songs such as Canada’s immigrant anthem “Oh Canada”, the nostalgic “Sweet Jamaica” and the love ballad “Same Ole Words”, Exco continues to show his range and musical intellect.
Exco Levi is now among the well sought collaborators in the reggae music scene as anything he touches becomes like pure gold. This as he is able to quickly engage his audience while convincing them that they already know the words to a newly waxed song. In Canada, Exco performs mostly solo or alongside the top reggae bands in the City. He is always willing to accompany and enhance the work of up and coming Canadian talent. As a lover of music Exco has managed to learn the art of recording and audio engineering. This he credits to his time spent at the “Stinenam” and “Triple Platinum” Recording studios while living in Jamaica. Here he would have the privilege of working with the likes of Terry Linen, Jah Mason and Silver Cat. These experiences no doubt influenced his approach to the music he develops today. Among his numerous accolades Exco Levy boasts working with some of the top DJs and promoters worldwide. He is also the recipient of the Most Promising New Artist award in the CRMA’s 2007, Best Reggae Single for “Oh Canada” CRMA’s 2008 and his most recent award for Best Male DJ at the RMAA’s 2009. Exco has also been an impressive addition to Jamaican festivals such as Curefest where Exco had even the more established singers fully engulfed by his performance. Canadian festivals such as Jamaica Day, Jambana and many more have had Exco grace their stage and on each occasion seen him leaving the crowd wanting for more. Exco Levi has a bright horizon ahead, as he anticipates more collaborations and an even greater contribution to the music scene. He is currently working with DJ Robrack one of Japan’s premier reggae DJ’s who is also working to release Exco’s first and long awaited album. In 2009 Exco was privileged to be a part of the all-island cross country tour in Jamaica, he is already booked to appear next year as well. His determination, performance style and technical skills are sure to garner him more accolades. If his current success is any indication Exco is indeed on his way to becoming a household name where Exco Levi will remain synonymous with quality and passion for good music.

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