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Princeton Brown is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, and musician, born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a lifelong student of music, Princeton has excelled in piano, drums/percussion, guitar, and bass performance. One of his most notable achievements is his debut album released in 2013 entitled, “Simple Livin’,” which is a mixture of pop, reggae, and R&B musical styles. His album captures a range of emotions and topics from peace and human rights, to relationships, motivation, positivity, and natural phenomena. Not only has he excelled in music but he has also achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Augsburg College in 2016. He uses this degree to teach physics, math, and music at the High School for Recording Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Princeton first began writing, performing, and recording his original songs in 2008 while attending South High School in Minneapolis. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, Princeton has played in various orchestras, jazz bands, ensembles, concert bands, and choirs. Already having a strong background in both poetry and piano from years of private lessons, he combined both of these skills along with his newly acquired skill of music production to make his first songs. From sitting along side well known recording engineers Barry O’hare and Gary Sutherland in Jamaica, he has learned mixing and mastering techniques. But even before ever making his own songs, Princeton first produced a variety of reggae beats for fun, in which, multiple trips to Jamaica resulted in his first ever studio sessions and productions. It was these experiences with further encouragement from his father that cemented his ambition in writing, recording, and producing his own original songs. Princeton’s father says: “As a child Princeton would always say I want one of everything that makes music!” Since then, studio equipment of which Princeton uses on a daily basis, has progressively accumulated throughout the years.

Symone Brown
Symone Violin

Princeton would not allow a website to be built without having a huge thank you to his sister Symone Brown. She is his greatest influence, friend, and and hero. She has been helping him shape his components and defining his sound since they were little. She can commonly be heard as back vocalist and violinist featured in his songs.

Symone can always be found co-writing lyrics, brainstorming musical ideas and telling Princeton what to do. She is kind and caring and always there for her brother, with that Princeton would like to say:

“Special thanks to Symone, I love you. Let’s keep making music for life!”

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