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Bescenta is the epitome of what defines reggae music. Bescenta has the ability to create socially conscious songs that appeal to the mainstream and he is a voice for the oppressed with soul soothing melodies that are as haunting as they are unforgettable. The pursuit of excellence is the driving force behind reggae artist Bescenta, who is a rare combination of intensity, quiet confidence and humility. His mission is to spread the message of universal peace and love through his music.

Born Bryden Bescenta Craig Wilkins on April 12, 1975 in the hills of the St Andrew parish of Jamaica, music was in his heart from the beginning. He recorded his first songs with Peter Sweetness Nembhard on Auntie Boom Records and formed a group called Cornerstone with two other artists where he sang the lead vocals. In 2001, he met with producer Computer Paul Henton, they formed a successful partnership and Bescenta was on his way to a flourishing solo career. He recorded his popular hit World in Trouble with Henton.

World in Trouble became an anthem for residents of Jamaica’s tough inner city areas, as a stirring call for action and change to end the killing and violence that afflicts his homeland. The song received heavy airplay as it was one of the top winners of the 2004 Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Popular Song contest, was top of the Roots FM chart, and won a free music video. “It was not about winning, the money or the reward, it was the message of love and non-violence that I was trying to convey to the people, and I really wanted them to hear me,” he said.

Other standout singles include Can You Handle It, Mama Told Me, AIDS and Universal Love which did well in the US, Mexico and Carribean. In 2008 Bescenta signed with the Uplifting Music International (UTH JA) label and his career has been growing ever since with raw talent, strong management and pure love.

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